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12 Weeks To Fight Fit High Intensity Program


The 12 Weeks To Fight Fit program is meant to test and challenge you, it's meant to create the mindset of a warrior so that when life throws shots at you, you slip, roll and counter for the knockout. 


You'll be training side by side with me, with HIIT, kickboxing and conditioning videos.

These videos are designed to get the job done without taking up a lot of time because we all know that life can be busy!

12 Week Low Impact Home TRX Program


This TRX program is designed for clients who need low impact training for personal or medical reasons. 


When working with the trx system it's important to understand that the closer your feet are to the anchor point the more difficult the exercises become.


When you want to decrease resistance step away from the anchor point and when you want to increase resistance step towards the anchor.


The benefits of TRX program are: 

-Low impact

-Gain Muscle 

-Stronger Core  

-Low risk of injury

-Burn more calories

-Train anywhere