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"Together, we will tap into your Inner Warrior!" 

About Inner Warrior


This is where you'll find your Inner Warrior!

At an early age I faced a lot of life's greatest battles.

Food, shelter, alcohol, drugs, physical and mental abuse were the things that had me set up

for failure, yet I persevered. My victories in life didn't come without many failures, becoming the man I am today has been my biggest fight and trust me I didn't choose this fight, this fight chose me!


I am a warrior! Through strength and dedication, I will persevere to overcome any obstacle that stands before me. I will use my determination and courage to achieve success and reach my full potential. My life is a fierce and noble pursuit, and I will honor its purpose each and every day.


"The is our creed"

My Promise To You!

As your Inner Warrior Coach, my promise to you is empowering you to tap into your inner strength, resilience, and courage to overcome any obstacles that come your way. I will support you in identifying and breaking through any limiting beliefs or thought patterns that may be holding you back from achieving your goals. Together, we will work towards creating a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy. I am committed to being your biggest force of support and holding you accountable as you step into your power and live life as the fierce warrior that you truly are.

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Client Results 

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Wendy Dengin

I first met Dustin when he joined the UFC Team as head coach. What a breath of fresh air he was. When I first met Dustin a few years ago, I was 48 and in all my years of working out, had I yet to see the skill set, energy and passion this man brings to the table. Boundless is the only word I can think of. At one point, UFC GYM had lost most of their staff because of poof management, but what I remember most is Dustin stepping up to the plate and coaching every single class, working ridiculous hours yet never losing his energy and passion.


Dustin never just coaches; he’s invested. My son has a disability and started training with dustin almost two years ago. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for not just the training, but the love, support and friendship that came along with it. I would wholeheartedly give a recommendation for any venture Dustin would want to embark on!

-Wendy Dengin

Ran Lui

I am writing in reference to Dustin Little as his client. Dustin is extremely professional, energetic, and responsible. He can make different plans for different people with diverse conditions and requirements.


Dustin also checks if clients can do the assigned tasks regularly.  His active encouragement is key for clients to achieve their goals. Dustin is the best trainer I have ever met, and he is also the only trainer who helps me truly lose weight healthily in my life.


He is the only trainer who can change me completely with my appearance and hobbies. The outcome is obvious. I recommend every individual who would like to become much healthier and better to train with Dustin.

—Ran Liu

ken Barnes 


I registered for private lessons and the training has been great! Dustin is an excellent instructor and trainer, and his teaching methods are clear, informative, and effective.


Now, I’m able to develop this skill set while getting in better shape at the same time. I’ve been completing private lessons twice a week for a month and my fitness level has already significantly improved.


I’m really enjoying it and will be continuing for the foreseeable future. Thanks, Coach D.!


If you’re thinking about Dustin Inner Warrior Coaching, I 100% suggest you go for it.

-Ken Barnes

About Us

Michelle testimony 

 I had a consultation with an amazing gentleman and Coach, Dustin Little, for my complementary consultation. To this point I had made it through a 15 year abusive marriage and a 10 year marriage that was good and safe but failed in 2017.


 I began drinking and smoking, divorce diet as I like to call it.. lost 50 lbs, lots of hair and could not tell if I was sober anymore. I was working 6 days a week and exercising excessively, yet I just could not fix myself or find anything positive to move forward for. I was done!


One evening, I received a call from Dustin for my consult and though why not! During our consultation he asked what brought me to this decision and I replied “a divorce”. He told me about his life coaching and shared his past triumphs and hardships.  From the moment I met Dustin, I was comfortable and able to let my guard down. To have someone believe in me when I did not believe in myself was baffling but I was not going to let him down.


His training techniques realigned my posture, repaired my torn shoulder injury and straightened my right leg which had rotated outward over 30 years ago. Dustin relates and connects with his clients. He creates a fun atmosphere and has a presence that energizes the room, especially in a group setting. No matter how intense the workout, whether it is kickboxing or conditioning, solo or in a facebook group, we have all come back for more and have followed him wherever he goes.


I believe in Dustin and will support any venture he chooses. He brought me back from the lowest point of my life and gave me the confidence to manage my own self physically and mentally. I highly recommend Dustin Little to everyone. He has an amazing spirit, dedication and the ability to change peoples lives.


-Michelle Marklinger

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